Avignon - September 2002
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Here's the holiday photos!!
Below you can see that we had some really nice weather and the holiday was quite laid back. Only problem we had was the "mistral" wind. Came howling through the trees at 90 kilometres per hour. Not great when you're trying to sleep!!

The place we actually stayed at was located in a quiet little sleepy village called Vedene which is about 12km from Avignon Centre. Luckily the Hypermarket was only a 5 minute drive away!!

Unfortunately the time flew by much too quickly, so we're now looking around for our next holiday destination!!

Enjoying the fine food in Avignon (well Ice Cream actually)!!

Say Cheese!!

Look at my Princess Hair

Who do you think's been making the most of the lovely weather??

Mummy look what I've caught!

It's a bit cold!!

How comfortable??


Enjoying the market at Carpentras

Oh this is the life!!

Found this fountain in a little back street at Aix en Provence

Enjoying French life!!

Cooling down after a day in the sun!

A bit hot some nights!!

The work's never done!!

The pool!!!

Yeah, I'm on holiday!!

What's little Miss Mischief up to now??

TGV travelling....sadly on the way home!!

This is such a cool way to travel!!

Okay, who drank all the wine??

Aaah, that's better!

The Villa at Vedene

Look, I'm swimming!!

What chocolate??

Yes, can I help you?


Ride 'em Cowboy!!